Monday, March 31, 2008

A Moment To Reflect

This one's personal...

Red carpets, movie premieres, celebrity interviews, film reviews they're all apart of how I work. And yes, they do have some impact on how I live. Thus, the name of this website. But truthfully, they dull in comparison to what's really important to me. And lately, I've been reminded of just how much. So today, it's not going to be business as usual. Today will be a day of reflection.

Two weeks ago I attended the funeral of a co-worker--a pretty, young woman that suffered with lupus. We had talked together, lunched together, and laughed together yet I had no clue of her illness until I received the surprising news of her death. A recent newlywed, she did not allow lupus to dampen her fighting and uplifting spirit nor stop her from striving toward her goals. She was and is an inspiration.

Then today, internet news informs me of the passing of Sean Levert, brother of the late Gerald Levert. Wait! Didn't I see him alive and well at the same Grammy Awards I attended in February. How? Why? Eddie? The family? So many unanswered questions. Like his brother and my friend, they died young with seemingly so much more life ahead.

For me, both losses are just another reminder that tomorrow is not promised; Each and every day is a blessing, so take nothing for granted especially having good health.

But for many people working in this industry appreciating each day IS a major challenge. Once the cameras are off and the production has ended, many secretly go "home" to sleep in their cars or in sleeping bags in an overcrowded apartment of strangers. Starting salaries are low, and rents are high here. So it's not unusual for eager young college grads to live this way, but when a 30 something executive assistant or production coordinator is out of work for three months or more and then evicted what's really important must be reevaluated. Is the dream of becoming a Hollywood producer really worth all the uncertainties and instability that comes with it?

Again, I've got more questions than answers. All I know for sure is that the sad events of the last few weeks have reminded to take stock of just how good I've got it. No, I'm not independently wealthy living lavishly in Beverly Hills with a summer home on the Carolina coast, but I'm here on this side of heaven--still striving, still healthy, and still able to enjoy a glorious sunrise. I'm blessed beyond what my eyes can see.

To the Levert family and friends, my deepest condolences.

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