Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Actress Tasha Smith: A Purpose Driven Life

Last year I was blessed with the opportunity to interview actress Tasha Smith to help promote Why Did I Get Married? You can read it HERE. But what occurred in that limo was not merely an interview about her outstanding role but a real experience with a woman who has discovered her Divine purpose.

In this candid interview with Essence.com Tasha shares her journey-- better yet, her testimony--in evolving from high school drop out and drug addict to the beautiful, multi-talented performer we've come to know on television and film. It also mentions the hard days early in her career, becoming a stripper, and her stint as a stand up comedian. Below is an excerpt. In it she mentions how fellow actress, Tisha Campbell, helped lay the foundation of her career in Hollywood.

Back then, in 1987, I was friends with actor Allen Payne, who was from my area. He was dating the actress Tisha Campbell Martin—this was way before she got married and starred in the sitcom My Wife and Kids. I can see now that God put Tisha in my life to encourage my dream of becoming an actress. Tisha would always say, “You don’t belong out there.” She was part of the reason I moved to California when I was 18. She and her mom found me an apartment, bought me a little car, and would come over with groceries. People thought I was crazy to move to Hollywood, but Tisha and her mom believed in me.

Really, this is a great interview and though I knew some of her phenomenal story already, reading it really empowers me to stay on task and keep striving, keep pushing. Here's my favorite part:

Now I realize I just had to discover faith for myself. I found a sense of freedom in my relationship with God—the freedom to be beautiful and sexy and have purpose in life. Slowly I began to see God had been there guiding and protecting me all along. I’m convinced my life changed when I surrendered it to God.

For all my friends, associates, and readers "going through" and facing challenges right now, I dedicate this to you. Read the full interview HERE. And while you're there click on the homepage to view the behind-the-scenes cover photo shoot with 3 more of my favorite "inspirations"-Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, and Alicia Keys. All of which are performing at this year's Essence Music Festival, July 4-6th in New Orleans. Visit www.essence.com

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