Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Alicia Keys Knows Her Worth

Slowly but surely, I'm becoming a big Alicia Keys fan. I realize for some that might be a surprising statement, but it's true. Yes, at the start of her celebrity, I liked some of her songs and videos, but it wasn't until recently that I really took notice of the woman behind the music.

Earlier this year I even had the opportunity to meet her during a shoot. And despite being very ill, she was still very friendly and cooperative without a hint of diva-tude. That's rare in this business. No, we didn't hang out after or exchange information but before the shoot ended, I did give her props on her American Music Awards performance.

Some months before that shoot she "big-upped" some of my favorite reggae/dancehall artist by performing a dancehall remix to her hit single, No One. Besides that instance, who can remember the last time a reggae or dancehall artist ever performed on the AMA's or the Grammy Awards? She killed dem dead with the show!

And now Alicia Keys is truly using her star power for all it's worth to do something amazing and powerful through her Keep A Child Alive organization. This is what took me from being a casual listener to becoming an Alicia Keys fan. In the trailer below, you'll see poignant demonstrations of how her organization is providing AIDS medicine to African children and their families infected with the disease. Please take some time to watch the documentary, Alicia in Africa HERE, then donate and spread the word about Keep A Child Alive.

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