Sunday, May 25, 2008

Publicist Roz Stevenson: In Her Own Words

How often in life do you notice a person's hands? Probably not often unless those hands possess or do something special. That said, the lovely hands of film and entertainment publicist, Rosalind "Roz" Stevenson, are definitely worthy of mention. But it's not because of unique markings, bling, nor the pretty manicured nails. No, the hands of the former actress and professional hand model are distinctive because of the outstanding work they've done in entertainment and the many lives they've touched positively along the way.

Last year, in a room a buzz with inquisitive reporters and celebrity interview anticipation, it was actually Roz's mere presence that first drew my attention. "Who is this African-American woman sitting calmly amongst the young'uns greeting "her people"?" I didn't have to wonder long. After receiving a short summary of her background, an even briefer introduction was made. Roz Stevenson was the reason we, the African-American press, were there to help promote Universal Studios' new film. And for more than 20 years, she had worked diligently ensuring we were not left out of the equation of Hollywood's film promotion and publicity campaigns.

Unfortunately, May 30, 2008, will mark the end of a Roz's story in publicity and begin her new chapter in career retirement. But before the credits roll on her Hollywood story, I asked Roz to talk with me about how it all began. In this candid and humorous interview conducted in her home, Roz reflects on her amazing career and the people and the experiences that impacted it. Prepare to laugh, to be enlightened, and inspired.

Roz Stevenson: In Her Own Words:


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