Monday, June 09, 2008

Once You Go Mac....A Computer Love Story

I know you've noticed. The post are coming slower. Why, when there's seemingly so much to write about? Well.....I'm sad to announce that Hollywood: As I Live and Work has suffered a great loss. My beloved Tyrone is dead! After four wonderful years together, Tyrone Powers IV went to sleep and never woke up. Oh! The agony!

For those of you new to my site, Tyrone, was my computer. And yes, I named it! I'm sure it's not the first time you've been introduced to something that should have remained nameless, but you or its owner named it anyway! As humans it's in our nature to categorize and label things, so why not give my Powerbook G4 a name that it would be proud of? Tyrone Powers, IV, was perfect!

Why "Tyrone"? Cause of Erykah Badu's advice to "call him". And I did for some of everything--movies, news, phone numbers, music, trivial information, escapism. However, I stopped at calling him for dates. Despite the online dating boom, I still like meeting people the old fashion way--face to face. "Powers, IV" was just a twist on Powerbook G4. Of course, after a few introductions to friends, I was made aware of the actor by the same name, but I had no knowledge of him nor his work when "my computer" became "Tyrone" so the name remained.

A handsome, titanium skinned, 15 inch screen, blog making machine that gave me more to smile about than most dates, Tyrone was a blessing. From the moment we spotted each other across a crowded CompUSA in Raleigh, NC, it was love at first site. And from that moment on we were never apart, except for that time I almost lost him in Vegas rental car. All that you see here was generated through Tyrone's intelligence--artificial as it was--and my creativity. We were a perfect team. And now I must move on.

So what's a girl to do when the thing that brought her so much happiness passes on? She looks for another one. But not only does she seek another one, she shops for a better one. Let me upgrade, you! specifically to a sexy 15 inch--not too big and not too small--metallic, Macbook Pro with some new tricks, lots of power, and plenty of old Mac swagger. I'm looking for a new love baby, a new love!

So be please be patient with, Apple is not through with me yet. Once the new Tyrone arrives (hopefully soon) you'll be the first to meet the new addition to my life. And if you've got some suggestions for a different name, I'm open to considering them.

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