Monday, July 28, 2008

My Comic-Con 2008 Experience

I came, I saw, I conquered in San Diego this past weekend my subconscious fear of people dressed strangely out of season, and that season would be Halloween. On the other hand, I do work in Hollywood so what I saw at Comic-Con in should have come as no surprise, right? Wrong!

There was no casting call nor auditions for comic book super heroes and whimsical characters at the huge San Diego Convention Center, just people madly in love with comic books and the worlds created within their pages. As much I love to read, I can relate. But I was expecting a more subdued crowd, not grown men and women dressed in their underwear and other home-made costume creations emulating characters known and unknown. I promise you, Comic-Con was nothing but a huge costume party!

I'm not really into comic books so I was at the largest comic book convention in the country to conduct celebrity interviews for this site and other media outlets. But once work was done, I took in the sights. And boy was there a lot to see! Roll the tape!

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