Wednesday, July 23, 2008

R&B's Mario Talks Do Right Foundation

See I been there, and I been scared,
I been discriminated against and compared,
To you whose my mother, now through you I discovered.
There's only one way to go in life and that's be right.---Mario, "Do Right"

Young, handsome, and gifted. To look at R&B sensation, Mario, you'd think he not only danced with the stars but reached for the moon and now sits on top of the world. He has platinum selling albums, millions of fans, and celebrity accoutrements. So, who would guess that his life ain't always been as picture perfect as his music videos? Not most, until late last year when MTV aired, "I Won't Love You To Death," a moving documentary about Mario trying to help his mother kick heroin addiction.

Introduced early to the devastating affects of drug abuse, Mario decided to use music to help him cope with his family's difficult situation. And now his inspiring story of perseverance and success empowers others through his Do Right Foundation, created specifically to help young people cope with parents suffering from substance abuse.

Taking a moment from his busy tour schedule, Mario talked with me about his childhood, the Do Right Foundation, and how he wants to continue helping young people through his music.

Below is Mario's poignant music video for "Do Right" which features scenes from the "I Won't Love You To Death" documentary. Hopefully, it will inspire you to visit the Do Right Foundation website to see how you can get involved.

Lastly, to add "Do Right" and more of Mario's great music to your music library or mp3 player press play below.

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Tara said...

That's fantastic that he is using his position to help others in this way. Too often, we see celebrities just cheesin' for the camera, shopping with wild abandon and focusing only on self, but what Mario is doing is fabulous and to be commended. Bravo!