Friday, August 29, 2008

Edit Session Mobile Blog

I'm testing some new technology. This post is from my new Blackberry cell phone. Right now I'm stuck in post production helping to make final touches on a tv special scheduled to air this fall on BET. Can't give up the details just yet, but here's a clue: nine brothas from Shaolin that changed the Hip-Hop game. Old head Hip-hoppers are gonna love this joint! The guy in the picture is the editor, Scott Chennault. I'm sitting behind him.

Posts here are coming kind of slow and I apologize. I've been mad busy associate producing this show, writing for and the LA Sentinel. Of course, I've attended a few on going events that I plan to post next week so check back!

Anyway, have a great Labor Day weekend! Please be safe and party responsibly! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY 50TH MICHAEL JACKSON!

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Toi said...

Look at you guys working hard in the edit bay! I can't wait until this show airs so we can see the final product.