Thursday, August 07, 2008

Get Well Soon Blog For Morgan Freeman & Bernie Mac

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone. Thank God Morgan Freeman is still here and released from the hospital today. Just as word of Bernie Mac's battle with pneumonia was made public, we were suddenly hit with the news of Freeman's terrible car accident in Mississippi that seriously injured him and his passenger. Everyone is now on the road to recovery, so I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some positive moments, these performers have brought to our lives through their work.

Let's start with the Academy Award winning, Morgan Freeman. When did you first really notice Freeman either on the small or big screen? "The Electric Company" I know is a popular response. Personally, I don't remember him on that educational series, but rather from the film "Lean on Me". That's a classic I will stop whatever I'm doing to watch. Add to that "Glory", "Driving Miss Daisy", "Seven", "Shawshank Redemption," and "Nurse Beatty" just to name a few.

Those titles also bring to mind an independent film called "All About Us" which I recently purchased on DVD. The film is based on the lives of filmmaking couple, Michael and Christine Swanson. Although their first film, "All About You" does well on the festival level, Hollywood has no interest in their well-produced, black romance with no A-list celebrities. So they attempt to produce another movie this time with a big name attached--Morgan Freeman. But how will they get him to agree to do their film based on the script alone? The couple travels to Mississippi to ask him. What they learn about themselves in the whole process shares great insight into how we truly live and work in Hollywood. I highly recommend it!

Now Bernie. Most of us probably remember when he slapped the intimidating audience on HBO's Def Comedy Jam with, "I ain't scared of you, motherf*ckers!" It's still one of the best comedic ice-breakers to date, that people still quote. But just as he's brought us to tears with laughter, Bernie Mac has also made us recognize his ability to make us cry in dramatic scenes like those in the film, "Pride".

What's your fav Bernie Mac movie or character? Dig deep 'cause Imdb states his first movie was 1992's "Mo' Money" with the Wayans brothers. Some of my favs are the roles he played in "B.A.P" (I love that movie!), "The Players Club", "Pride", and "Guess Who". "Kings of Comedy" and his hit tv show go without saying.

So instead of waiting for news of their conditions, let's watch our favorite Bernie Mac and Morgan Freeman films and tv shows. By the time we finish a Mac & Freeman movie marathon we'll appreciate them even more and hopefully they'll feelmuch better too.

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