Sunday, August 17, 2008

Strikeset: T-Shirts For Filmmakers

Everybody likes to express their opinions and thoughts on a t-shirt every now and then, including independent filmmakers. While browsing my GOOGLE ADS to the left I came across the heading "For Geniune Independents" which linked to Strikeset, a unique brand of a humorous creative tees for those that love filmmaking and all the different aspects of the process. Take a look!

My favorites: "Indy Filmmaker, Will Work For Food"; "I Got a Big Boompole"; "Fix It In Post" (Lawd! How often have I said that?); and "Stick it". By buying a t-shirt you'll be helping filmmaker and t-shirt designer, Thomas J. Chavez, fund his next film. Read all about his efforts to raise money and developing the Strikeset brand tees on his blog, at, just click it's name. And yes, you'll be helping me too keep this blog "in the black" by purchasing one of his new T-shirts. I'm saving up for a new camera and a new Mac computer.

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Anonymous said...

These are cute! My boss would love these!