Monday, September 08, 2008

The Family That Preys

Tyler Perry has done it again! With a great cast, great story, good laughs, and an ensemble of rich characters, "The Family That Preys" has everything it needs to be a box office hit this Friday including sexy, oiled dancers...I mean...actors.

But before you prepare to laugh in the aisles, be mindful too that "Family" is also a drama. In the tradition of "Dynasty" and "Knots Landing", this sixth release from Tyler Perry Studios explores the often volatile relationship between the haves and the have-nots through two distinct families from opposite sides of the tracks--the wealthy Cartwrights and the middle class Evans.

For 30 years Alice Evans (Oscar nominee, Alfre Woodard) and Charlotte Cartwright(Oscar winner, Kathy Bates) have been close friends. "Salt-of-the-earth" Evans is a restaurant owner with two grown daughters, Andrea and Pam. Cartwright is a rich widow turned CEO of her deceased husband's real estate development business. She has one ambitious son, William (Cole Hauser). Having worked at the family business for a couple of years, he thinks he's ready to run the company, Charlotte thinks otherwise.

But her son's hidden thoughts are not the only things on Charlotte's mind. As illness threatens her health, she plans a cross-country trip to do and see things she never has before. Who better to ride shotgun than best friend, Alice? It took some convincing, but once Alice realizes woman can't live by Bible verse alone, they are on their way for a hilarious "Oprah and Gayle" adventure.

Meanwhile, Alice's daughters, Pam (Taraji P. Henson) and Andrea (Sanaa Lathan) are at each other's throats. It's not so much sibling rivalry as much as contempt for the other's personality. For Andrea the grass is always greener at the Cartwright mansion especially if William is mowing it. Having a loving, blue-collar husband, Chris (Rockmond Dunbar), is just not enough. She really wants a man that matches her blind ambition--in other words, William. Pam, on the other hand, is happy helping run the family business and making a life for her and her husband, Ben (Tyler Perry). Andrea's snooty attitude angers her greatly, especially when it insults their mother.

So imagine what happens when clueless Chris realizes his wife not only has a separate account but is also richer than him by a couple hundred thousands. Since the start of their marriage, she was always the bread-winner, but the question is how the hell is she making her dough. What Chris discovers is astonishing and explosive.

Thrown into this salty mix of family and work drama is Abby (Robin Givens), a smart, corporate sister hired by Lady Cartwright herself to take the family business global. William dislikes her immediately and tries to intimidate her. But Abby ain't one to mess with when it comes to business; she has her boss's back and keeps a careful eye on Andrea's "front" as William's assistant.

Undoubtedly, "The Family That Preys" marks new ground for Tyler Perry and illustrates his growth as a director. He's combined the creative elements we're accustomed to and given fans a little something new. Listen to him and co-producer tell you more about the movie.

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The cast of this movie is really worthy of high praise. Meet the cast as they talk about their individual roles.

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