Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get Well Soon Too, Natalie Cole! You're Unforgettable

With so much going on I almost forgot, that legendary singer, Natalie Cole, was also in the hospital. She's spent the past week in a New York hospital suffering from hepatitis C. According to the San Francisco Chronicle online, Cole told "Entertainment Tonight" that the chemo treatments are causing her to lose her hair and weight.

But Natalie Cole is not only a phenomenal singer, she's a conqueror. "The timing of this couldn't be worse," says Cole, "because of my new record coming out. What you do is rally and you have a great group of people rally around you." Her new album is called, "Still Unforgettable" which features another duet with her famed father titled, "Walking My Baby Back Home." Watch the video!

No dis to what's currently in heavy rotation on the radio right now, but every now and then it's good to bathe your ears in real instrumentation and vocals. Hear more of "Still Unforgettable" HERE.

God bless and strengthen you, Natalie Cole! In tribute to you here's my all time favorite song by you! I'm taking it back! This one always puts me in good mood!

I couldn't resist adding one more! Ma, this one's for you! Thank you for keeping Natalie's classic records! They betta be where I left them when I get home for the holidays, album covers and all!

Damn, that sounded good! Don't front! That brought back memories for some of you--good ones! It's like paradise, play it twice!

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