Friday, September 12, 2008

Head Trips: Art Through The Eyes Of A Hollywood Hairstylist By Robert L. Stevenson

I'd be willing to bet multi-talented, motion picture hair designer Robert L. Stevenson never has a bad hair day. And even if he did, it would probably inspire a new sketch for his growing collection. When Stevenson is not designing amazing hair pieces and looks for some of Hollywood's greatest talents like Samuel L. Jackson, he's drawing delightful characters of his own.

And now with several hundred of sketches completed, Stevenson steps from behind-the-scenes and into the limelight to present "Hair Trips: Art As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Hollywood Hairstylist", an exhibit of some of his best work on and of the set. Go with me as I enjoy his marvelous works at the Museum of African American Art in Los Angeles.

Listen to how Stevenson's mere doodling between takes sparked the genius that created the "Head Trips" exhibit. This extra footage of the opening of "Head Trips" was produced by local station, KTLA. The speech portion is mine. In it you may see some people you recognize and some you don't! (Thanks Suzanne!) The unique exhibit runs until October 31st and the museum is located on the 3rd floor of Macy's adjacent to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. Visit the museum's website or just call 323-294-7071 for more information.

Stevenson's wife and "agent" is former Universal Films publicist, Roz Stevenson, one of my favorite people in Hollywood. If you missed my insightful and humorous interview with her about her life and career in showbiz click HERE. It's definitely one of my favorite posts.

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