Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hollywood Cellphones: BlackBerry vs iPhone

In This Corner: Blackberry

Two weeks in and I must say that I'm enjoying my new 8330 BlackBerry Curve. When my old reliable Verizon wireless phone died the Mac enthusiast in me desired an iPhone, but brand loyalism wouldn't let me switch providers. So, I chose Verizon's iPhone wanna-be, the LG Dare. But "dare" as it might it couldn't satisfy all my email needs, thus the BlackBerry Curve quickly replaced it. My only complaints: It's not Mac compatible yet (Hint! Hint!) and the Verizon Curve doesn't come in a pretty crimson red like the BlackBerry world edition phone. Currently, the only other alternative for Verizon's Curve is pink.

I'm sorry but I want to talk and text, not shave! Pink is cool for little girls and toiletries, but grown ass women--or should I say--this grown ass woman likes her toys in rich, full colors. Verizon BlackBerry reps I hope you're reading this!

It's pretty obvious I'm not alone in my new cell phone adoration. In Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general there's seemingly only two kinds of phones that make our world go round, BlackBerry and iPhones. Just look around, errbody's got one of these talk toys attached to their hip or tucked away in a designer purse. BlackBerries and iPhones are now even making appearances in movies.

So what Hollywood types rely on BlackBerry phones? Just from mere observance, I say the on-the-go businessman or woman, i.e. the executive producers, the "suits", the managers, the business minded actor/actress--those always one phone call away from "sealing the deal." With download attachment capability, deal memos and contracts can be read immediately and negotiations can soon follow.

But those of us in showbiz purgatory--stuck between business and creative--like our "Crackberry" too. Having access to all your emails and quick web browsing can become addictive, thus the nickname. The phone does damn near every thing, but make the calls for you! There's even a website, for compatible software, ringtones, and accessories. Want to see what celebrities love their Blackberry too? Visit Celebrity Blackberry Sightings. As most know the Curve even has a camera for photos and videos but it's also capable of mobile YouTube viewing.

The Mobile Challenger: iPhone

Apple/AT&T zealots light your iPhones up! On and off set, iPhoners are constantly IMing, watching YouTube videos, and listening to music on their versatile screen phones. So in love, these preoccupied cell users seem to spend most of the day rubbing and caressing their touch screen machines as if they're on a date with them. I swear Johnny Gill's "Rub You The Right Way" should have been used in their ads.

BlackBerry Curve and Pearl users don't laugh! How are often are we pressing that "special button" just to get things popping on our device. I'm laughing as I type because I'm sure most of you have never looked at your phone that way. But now that you might, remember to get maximum results press these "special buttons" and sensitive screens carefully. Rub it the wrong way and your device may freeze.

And what's the Hollywood profile of an iPhone user? The creatives--those editors, always-patient actors/actresses, writers, and PAs that spend several hours waiting for something or someone. As they wait iTunes music and movies like only an Apple product could provide help pass the time.

Now, thankfully, with GPS Navigation Systems installed in both phones, to hell with the Thomas Guide. PAs and "runners" now just type in their destination and let the "voice" lead the them to the nearest Starbucks pick-up and Hollywood Hills home delivery! No more excuses for getting lost or confused about when the 101 east turns south. Just follow the turn by turn directions.

So friends and associates which Hollywood phone user are you? And if you don't live nor work in Hollywood, tell me which phone are you loving right now and why.


jd_motownwest said...

I love my BB Pearl! It took no time to get used to the abbreviated keyboard and it fits my hand perfectly. For an upcoming filmmaker, it's your best friend!

I am looking to upgrade in the next 6-12 months to an iphone (or the Curve if it plays video) but the Pearl is my first BB and the best phone I ever had.

My humble opinion,

Joey D. said...

I love my Verizon Blackberrry Curve too. But Lawd these industry cats on Iphones really act as if they are in love. If Verizon had the Iphone I probably would have gotten one.