Thursday, September 18, 2008

Janet Jackson's Rock Witchu Tour: LA Fans Blown Away At Staples Center

"I promise I'll be worth the wait," said Janet Jackson to a potential lover some 20 years ago on her chart-topping "Control". And last night at LA's Staples Center, Jackson proved once again she is still worth the wait. But after such an absence were fans satisfied with the explosive, high-tech, two hour show packed with old school hits and new school flavor? Only the video will tell ya!

Want ticket info? Click header image or events tab on the gygdet I created. Want to hear Janet literally take it to the streets and call her fans about the tour? Hit "Street Team".

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Anonymous said...

That was very nice. Thanks for posting the fan reactions! Janet's the best. Can't wait til I go to the shows in Philly and DC!

Anonymous said...

The show was amazing last night! Janet spoils you visually and the vocals were on point too. The da damn chain. Work it, B*tch! I'mma be broke as hell trying to see the show again. Oh well, you only live once!:-)