Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Andre Benjamin: Hip Hop to Hip Clothing Designer

Video Source: Current TV

Check out Outkast's, Andre 3000's new clothes. Very "dapper" I must say. It's a bit "Idlewild", with hint of Fonzworth Bently, and a dash of "Family Matter's" Urkel. But throw out the highwaters and keep the suspenders. Me likey!

Read about Andre's NY Fashion Week launch HERE

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm…. I think that the line may do well for a while but most clothing lines that are hip hop in origin (even if they don’t look like it) don’t endure because they are trendy. Russell and puffy lasted this long because they have lines for hip hop heads and folks who go to work. This Ben Bixby will get my support, if only to have pieces when it is hard to find “i.e. gone) like outkasts first line of clothing. I hope I can fit the stuff, 3000 is a skinny dude.
Paul J