Monday, October 06, 2008

Who Really Attends Movie Premieres?

I saw this article on Yahoo titled, "Who Really Goes to Movie Premiere's Anyway?" by Leslie Gornstein and thought it to be very enlightening for those who aren't "in the know". Here's an excerpt:

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Are premieres strictly invite-only, or can any celeb walk the red carpet?--Anabel

I've learned almost any celebrity of the "C" caliber or higher can attend any film premiere he or she wishes, with or without an invitation.

Where would that put Heidi and Spencer [They're cast members of The Hills.], if they decided to crash a premiere that was not their own? Well...

"I would certainly let them walk the carpet if they showed up!" says Ava DuVernay, whose firm, DVA PR, has organized many a premiere, including Dreamgirls. "The press loves them, and I am there to get press for the movie."

So how do celebrities find out about these premieres in the first place?

"Usually the film publicist will do a blast and reach out to the publicity community and ask them to submit names of talent who are in town and who might be a good fit to attend the premiere," DuVernay explains. "Names are submitted, and from there, the filmmakers and studio decide who will get an invitation extended to them."

The goal: filling up the roster with enough celebrity attendees to get the press to show up.

Rarely, a low-level "celebrity" will appear at a premiere unbidden.

"Usually it's someone of the level of Phoebe Price, or the random model or video girl," DuVernay says. "Then it's up to the organizers to decide whether to let them walk the carpet, and whether we can get them a seat."

From my own experience, there's nothing worse than seeing the "random model", actor, or "video girl" get on the carpet and all the flashing lights stop. Worse yet, no one knows their name and not one media outlet chooses to ask the individual a question. Some hear the "crickets" and cut their walk short. Others, Lord, stay too long and you wish Apollo's Sandman Sims would pull them away. Oh well, such is the so called glamorous life. Hope they get your name right, video girl!

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