Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Blog for Change

Just as most of America this morning, I headed to the polls to exercise my right to vote. But this morning, this particular morning, there was a little more pep in my step than in the last election--a definite sense of enthusiasm.

Today, I was not merely casting my personal vote for President of the United States, I was casting the vote my grandmother, her mother and father, and all those that came before them that could only dream about. Yet, they were not absent, just not present. I felt them in my spirit, saw them in the genuine smiles of usually hardened faces, and heard them in the song of the lady quietly singing Mavin Sapp's, "Never Could Have Made It".

So I had gotten up early, dawned my Delta Sigma Theta hoodie--which I rarely wear--and headed to the polls. Considering the history of the largest African-American sorority in the country I deemed it fitting to reflect on the 22 women who also strived for a change--a new way of doing things--in 1913. In fact, Delta is the Greek letter denoting change. And a change is what I'm looking forward to, nothing swift nor overnight, but a gradual, well planned and implemented change that will help us see ourselves and each other differently in this country.

But halfway to the car, I decided the old school sorority paraphenalia should go back to closet. This day wasn't about any particular group of women nor men, but about ALL of us as a people. And not just Black people but everyone in this country. So as much as I love what those particular Greek letters symbolize, the need to represent myself, the individual, was more important.

A friend of mine sent me this video from her voting site. It's recorded from her Blackberry so the video isn't that great, but the audible message is what's most important.

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