Friday, November 28, 2008

Dying For Revenge: Eric Jerome Dickey Pens Another Killer

Just as we were basking in the afterglow of "Pleasures'" climactic story, Eric Jerome Dickey hits us again from a different angle with "Dying For Revenge". This time returning with "Sleeping With Strangers" and "Waking With Enemies" hit man, Gideon.

Suspense. Action. International criminal intrigue. Add a sexy mix of dangerous characters that kill by day and make love on tropical beaches by night and you've got the backdrop to this new best-selling novel. From page one the action begins as Gideon increases the murder rate in Europe, escapes death himself, then jets to the States for a little family time.

In this third installment of his story, the cold blooded killer reveals a more human side and has adopted in a sense two characters from his previous travels abroad. They are the closest thing to family he's ever known and he keeps a watchful eye on them thanks to an iPhone and strategically placed cameras in the house he bought for them.

Their safety is a major concern but what keeps him looking over his shoulder throughout this story is a former client turned enemy in Detroit. This powerful individual wants him dead and will stop at nothing to see the deed done. So killer couple, an "El Matador" a.k.a Matthew and his wife, the "Assassin With Ass" are given the assignment. He's never one to be disrespected and is always ready to go for the jugular, but his shoe loving wife is too easily distracted by designer footwear and black men. And due to her fetish, they bumble their first attempt to complete their hit.

From the dirty backstreets of London to the sunny, tropical beaches of Antigua, they hunt down Gideon and threaten to kill his family. But thanks to Hawks, a simple country girl with murderous skills, Gideon won't have to face the killers alone. So it's a double date with death on the beautiful, exotic island as both sets of killers arrive to take care of business.

Just a few days ago, I caught up with Eric Jerome Dickey during his book tour. Interestingly, we talk as if we're old acquaintances. So below is not merely a Q&A but a relaxed conversation about his latest work. Listen to us discuss Gideon, Hawks, and other characters of "Dying For Revenge" as if they're real people. And hear too more about his trip to Antigua, his creative process, and what kind of book covers he'd really like to see representing his work.

Obviously this is a man that knows his craft so gift yourself or friends with a Eric Jerome Dickey novel. Online shopping is so much more convenient in my opinion. My personal EJD favs: "Pleasures", "Chasing Destiny", "Genevieve", "The Other Woman", and "Between Lovers" just to name a few. And if don't have time to curl with a good book, then try the audiobooks. Get the whole story without flipping a page as you drive, exercise, or clean the house.


Anonymous said...

Eric Jerome Dickey is my fav! Good review. Do y'all really know each other? said...

No we don't. I've only met Eric once. But I love hearing the man talk. He's always got an interesting perspective to share especially about fiction or literature in general.