Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hennessey & Honey Collective Toast Old School Hip Hop

Ever tried a little honey with your Henny? What about a touch of milk? That's how WuTang's Raekwon said he liked his. What ever your distinguishing Hennessey tastes are they were sure to be satisfied recently at the company's Flaunt Your Taste event at Hollywood's Vanguard, hosted by the lovely ladies of the Honey Collective.

Celebrating two years of great music and events the Honey Collective partnered with Hennessey to not only bring the flavor of old school Hip Hop to thirsty rap fans, but also needed food to hungry families throughout Los Angeles by donating funds to Urban Farming. A 501c3 organization, Urban Farming strives to end hunger throughout the world by planting food on unused land and donating it. Learn more about the organization and its founder, Taja Sevelle, by clicking

But who or what exactly is the Honey Collective? The Collective is a group of dynamic women puttin' and holdin' it down in the entertainment industry. They organize and host great events throughout LA. And based on reports of their previous events, a Honey Collective party is one not to miss! Members are: DJ Rashida, DJ Eque, Monica Payne, and Shelley Oto. Find out more about them on Myspace, HERE or on Shelly Oto's official website at

Now about the party...Fellas grab your (you know what) if you love Hip Hop! Ladies grab your (beep) if you love Hip Hop! With the help of fellow Hip Hop fan, Dana Hanna, Hollywood: As I Live & Work talked to some of the talents that put Hip Hop on the musical map. Doug E. Fresh, Mc Lyte, D-Nice, YoYo--are just a few that stepped to the mic outside and inside the party.

So throw on your fat shoe-laced shell top Adidas and colorful Pumas, the matching tracksuit, Kangol hat, Gazelles, heavy gold chains, and gold door knocker or Nefertiti earrings (fly girls only) then watch the video! It'll give you a taste of what you missed, but honestly you had to be there to experience the true fabulousness of the event.

And lastly, the DVD Raekwon mentions is called "Enter the Wu: The Story of Wu-Tang Clan". I'm the Associate Producer of BET's DVD and television "remixes" of the original documentary directed by Gerald Barclay. Be sure to watch BET's "Enter the Wu" broadcast November 13th. The DVD drops November 18th. Peace!


Dee said... are amazing!!! You really put that sheeet together!! I'm so impressed....dang! Go Alice, Go Alice!!!

russell said...

DD, you were awesome! By the way, DD stands for Dane-Dane - NOT what most would think if they know Dana Hanna!

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