Sunday, November 09, 2008

LA City Beat Crowns Norwood Young, King of Hancock Park

It's amazing what can happen in one week. Last Sunday I attended Norwood Young's grand celebration of his new distinction as King of Hancock Park thanks to publication, LA City Beat. This Sunday, I reflect on the past week's global celebration of the election of Barak Obama as President of the United States. One week, two very different events, two very different men. But despite their differences I see a common thread. So although this post may be appear to be a little late, it may very well be right on time.

In a recent post I shared a very special moment of the event honoring Natalie Cole. In the video below, see more of that fabulous day spent in the presence of Hollywood "royalty" and hear how it all came to be directly from the new king himself.

Here's what some of his loyal friends including Loretta Devine had to say:

And now as Young and Obama settle into their new high appointments, may they both continue pressing toward the mark with the spirit of David.

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Anonymous said...

Damn he went through all of that! Looks like he got the last laugh. Who's his party planner?