Thursday, December 25, 2008

BlackNLA Brings Christmas Early to LA Children

It is better to give than receive. Many of you may beg to differ, but for those of us that believe to receive blessings one must first be a blessing, this holiday season provides the ideal time to exercise the spirit of giving. So to rev up my spirit, I recently participated in BlackNLA's annual toy drive for the second year.

Every year BlackNLA collects toys for kids that may not experience a true "merry" Christmas. Through hosted events, movie screenings, and business participation BlackNLA collects hundreds of toys and delivers them in person. This year Urban Compass, the Girls and Boys Town , and Drew Child Development Corporation received the bulk of our efforts.

And this year after handing out presents to eager Urban Compass kids at Verbum Dei High School in South Central LA, we pulled up the truck Santa style at the nearby Nickerson Recreation Center and blessed parents and kids with toys until our supply ran out. Seeing the smiling faces of the kids as they recieved the toys was priceless. And to hear a parent give a heartfelt thanks and "God Bless You" put it all in perspective this holiday season.

Here's a little video of our BlackNLA Toy Drive. It's a bit impromptu. So if you want to learn more about the organization and all the various events you can participate in, subscribe by email at Oh, and if you want to learn everybody's names in the video come out to our events and introduce yourself. We're a fun bunch! Peace & Blessings this holiday season!

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