Monday, December 29, 2008

Hat Designer, Alakazia Launches Hats Off To Charity Event

As the LA sun smiles brightly in a cloudless blue sky, hundreds of people gather in the parking lot of 1625 N. Schrader Blvd. in Hollywood. There men, women, and children dressed in less than fashionable attire, carrying tightly secured bundles and bags mingle with those in more casual clothing during breakfast supplied by Food on Foot. It's Sunday and at first glance the familiar scene appears to be a catered cast meal or an open call. But those gathered are not actors per se. No, for them the uncoveted, challenging role of homelessness and hunger doesn't require SAG vouchers nor a persistent agent.

Having recently witnessed the scene on N. Schrader Blvd. famed Hollywood hat designer, Alakazia (Alah-kay-zia) was compelled to do more than sorrowfully glance their way. Listen to his inspiring story about why he began Hats Off To Charity to support Food on Foot and get the scoop on his new television venture.

Visit to get more about the organization and to learn how you can participate. But before you go, check out his first smashing hat show of gorgeous creations from his Le Chapeau Designs. It's a hat lover's dream!


Casper said...

This guy is a fake.
He was thrown out of Paris for Stealing and re selling collections to the Japanese

If there is any charity in his heart is based on pure guilt

There is an absolute critic to his work its called Vogue easy patterns.. Zero originality and above all a total lack of education to the execution
provincial behond word and a poor understanding of fabric co ordination, ill informed graphics and dated illustrations...

Anonymous said...

Wow this man is a genius! Casper, don't be so jealous and hateful.