Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes We Can: The Official Obama Campaign Album from Hidden Beach

You're almost ready to go. You've chosen your tux or that special dress. Flights and travel arrangements are already made or still in the process. You're just a couple of days away from witnessing the most historic moment of your lifetime, the presidential inauguration of Barak Obama. 

But before you go, you need one more thing to make that lay over, train ride, commute, or whatever means of travel you've chosen enjoyable. How about some music? More specifically how about some music produced for this special occasion and approved by Obama's camp entitled Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement, the OFFICIAL album of the Obama campaign from Hidden Beach?

Listen to Jill Scott, one of my personal favs, John Legend, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, Keb Mo, Yolanda Adams, and Malik Yusef with Kanye West and Maroon 5's, Adam Levine.  That's the short list.  See below for a full list or visit the website link above.

I know you've already got your playlist set with all your favorite songs for the trip, but this album helps you keep your mind and spirit right as you head to DC for the special occasion. So if Obama gave it his stamp of approval, why not cop it! Download it! Even if you're not heading to the inauguration festivities, add it to your Obama collection!  

What I like most about it is the eclectic mix of artists.  It ain't all one thing nor the other.  Free your mind, people! Like Sheryl Crow sing's "Get Out of Our Heads" listen to some new music for a new age in politics and a new way of doing things.  You'll find at least one song you like. Just listen!

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