Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Need the time? See Jermaine Dupri's New Watch Collection

Lately, I've been visiting celebrity blogs and one of my favs is The new blog of hit machine, music producer, Jermaine Dupri. We all know JD can run a super successful record label, produce chart topping hits, and throw amazing parties. But did ya also know he created a fun Grammy Museum exhibit, is now doing professional photography, and recently launched a line of watches too? How does he find the time? Look below:

These eye catching time pieces are called Pop watches. Collaborating on the design was famous jewelry maker, Pascal Mouawad. In a press release Mouawad stated the design was inspired by "pop art of yesteryear" and the "vibrancy of today's pop culture". Similarly, Dupri said his inspiration was the Swatch watches from the 80's (remember those?) and Andy Warhol. Interesting...

The cost for one of these funky accessories is between $120 and $290 and will be on sale at major department stores. No word when, so be on the look out.

Peace! I truly mean that!

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