Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Power of Inspiration: Viola Davis Had No Doubt

Like many people I watched the Academy Awards surrounded by the glamour and glitz of my own making dressed in the most splendid pair of sweats pants and matching t-shirt designed by the famous American company, Hanes. The touch, the feel, of cotton....I digress.

And while enjoying the sexy Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) dance and sing his way into possibly a future Oscar hosting opportunity, I couldn't help reflecting on my own Oscar experience in 2003 when I had a brief moment to chat with Halle Berry backstage. You can read about that experience under my "personal experiences" category to the right. And then I also thought about how excited nominees, Taraji P. Henson, and Viola Davis must have been now that they had officially been "invited to the party" in Hollywood, sort of speak.

I've had the pleasure of talking to Taraji in the past year or so, but have never had the opportunity to meet, Tony Award winner, Viola Davis. She wasn't at the "Madea Goes To Jail" junket so questions concerning the Oscar nomination and others went unanswered, and I missed her most of her tv appearances. But I found a really good interview today with Davis that inspired me, better yet challenged, me to hold on to faith. Despite what you see on camera, there's a lot of people in the industry going through some hardships, just like everybody else.

Yet Viola's story is one that definitely demonstrates that no matter what we're experiencing currently, it does not have to be the end, just merely a difficult chapter in the book of life. Watch this insightful interview done with NPR.

Viola Davis, I was a casual observer of your work before, but now you've gained a fan. Not because of the nomination and because "everybody knows your name" right now, but because you've shared the truth of where you've been and what it really took to get to where you wanted to go. And you looked absolutely FABULOUS at the Oscars! Go 'head Ms. Viola! Now will somebody please give this woman some roles that not only showcases her acting chops, but also her true beauty.

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