Sunday, March 08, 2009

Building Celebrity Status with Facebook

In my last post, Twitter took the main stage. This time it's all about Facebook. And again, if you're not hip to this social networking site, then you really need to have your face up in the place, especially when you're trying to create a brand.

"But, why should I join Facebook when so much of my loyal fan base is already blowing up my Myspace?" Because, more and more people are flocking to Facebook and Twitter instead of Myspace to connect online. Why the mad exodus? Reasons vary from functionality, to layout, to membership. Just Google Facebook vs. Myspace to understand why.

But before you sign up at Facebook, I will warn you to keep a careful eye on the small print. As of now, according to it's Terms of Service, your posted photos and videos may--and I stress MAY--belong to you but Facebook reserves the right to use the content as they wish. However, Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, claims the website would never do so without permission. Only time will tell.

Still, there's no need to throw the social networking baby out with it's dirty water. Facebook has mad potential as a major mass marketing and publicity tool. Just ask any real publicist or marketer. And starting this week users can expect even more benefits. Up and coming celebrities and some of you A & B-listers, this where you need to take note.

In his blog, Zuckerberg announced Facebook will be adding a Twitter-esque "stream" . In other words, you the "star" will be given a new profile that will look and function like a regular user profile. This "Page" will allow celebs and organizations to update fans on what they are doing at any given moment just as Twitter does. Videos, photos, and typical status updates can also be used.

With this "accelerated stream" of info user's now will not only see what their friends are up to, but also what their favorite celebrity is doing backstage before a show all in one "Newsfeed." This also means posted tour and performance dates, promo reels, and celebrity news will now be front in center. Need an example? See Ashton Kutcher's celebrity Facebook page HERE.

Overall, the change may not mean much if you've already established your celebrity Facebook profile with thousands of friends and comments. But if you're just starting out, these newly designed pages may help set you apart from the rest of up and comers with general profiles.

So if you're still hesitant to dive in to this hot new way of communicating, come on in the water's cool at Facebook. You may be surprised how easy it is to swim. Building a brand online is a lot of work but also can be a lot of fun if you genuinely like to connect with fans. Go to set up your celeb or organization page.

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Dee said...

Great info Mama, thanx...I do not have a twitter account, but I guess I'll go do that now...geeeez!!!