Thursday, March 05, 2009

How To Be An Online Celebrity With Twitter

If the term "twitter" or "tweet" has not come up in conversation lately, then you're not as hip as you think. So what is "twitter" or a "tweet"? You, the uncool, may be asking. Well, they're not necessarily what twits do in their free time nor baby talk for candy. For you dirty minds out there, it has nothing to do with "twat" either. Shame on you! And ebonically speaking, "tweet" is not the past tense of any verb, ie...I tweet it yesterday.

Twitter is another social networking site--as if we didn't have enough already--that's really gained popularity not only with kids but Hollywood movers and shakers too. Want to know what you're fav celebs are doing in the middle day? Follow them on Twitter. At least that way you can't be accused of physically stalking them because they voluntarily or under duress of their publicist joined the site to update or "tweet" loyal fans of their activities throughout the day.

Now see the guy pictured below. His name is Chris Pearson He's a web developer. Cute, isn't he? Great deltoids, pecs, and looks great in a tank top. Lord, I'm easily distracted! He's chilling here in my spot not because he's cute, but because he's got an interesting perspective on the Hollywood celebrity lifestyle and how Twitter can up your game. Take a listen.

I joined Twitter two weeks ago. Why? My publicist made me. Stop laughing! It's somewhat true. But really, I joined so when I cover events or do interesting things, I can share my experience quicker than blogging. However, Twitter limits your word count so you have to write succinctly and there's no pictures. So check me out online at

A few days after joining, I actually acquired followers. Trust, it surprised me. I knew eventually it would happen, but not that quickly. I'm usually "incognegro" where ever I go. I slip in and out like a ghost. No pics, please! Even here, on my own blog, I hide behind a black wall and that animated chick in the upper right corner. Not because I've got a nipple on my forehead, but because I just want to write and not worry about appearance. But, maybe it's time to come out of hiding. Twitter may be the first step.


Dee said...

Lol!! Great writing girl. Some may not know this, but you really are quite funny!!

Hollywoodlvwork said...

I'm told often I could do stand up. But I don't have courage, so I blog instead. Somedays even that takes courage too!