Monday, March 23, 2009

@IamDiddy Becomes King of Twitter

I'll say it again, if Twitter has not come up in your conversations with friends and associates, then your online social networking skills need an upgrade. And right the hot topic that's got the online social networking world all a twitter is P.Diddy aka Sean Combs.

Under his Twitter username, @IamDiddy, the music and business mogul informed his followers, that includes me, that he was going to do something major at 7pm/10pm on Ptwitty TV. At that time I had no clue what Ptwitty TV was so I made sure to be online. Sure enough, at 7 pm Diddy posted a tweet leading us to where he was "broadcasting" live from his recording studio. In web terms, he was conducting a live stream.

Dressed casually in his own brand named t-shirt and jeans, Diddy gave us a front row seat to a night in the life of a Hip Hop music producer. In the studio with him was singer Cassie and a small team of assistants, all paying close attention to their individual Mac laptops. And on a table behind Diddy was his signature vodka, Ciroc, displayed perfectly for everyone to see as if it was the sponsor of the occasion.

After greeting his growing online audience and chatters, he poured himself a little drink, and then proceeded to tell us about his upcoming album, Last Train to Paris, and the romantic tale behind it. And while he talked, new music from the album was played.

There was so much traffic to his live show , his video stream literally shut down. But as we say in this business, the show must go and it did. In a Twitter post, Diddy linked us to a different live web streaming site called and the online party continued there. Here's a peek of what you missed supplied by fellow @IamDiddy follower and Social Networking Guru, Wayne Sutton.

@iamDiddy on Mogulus from Wayne Sutton on Vimeo.

So why is this is so significant? Because Diddy is the perfect example of how social networking sites like Twitter can be used to market not only music but businesses in general. And in this economy, the least expensive but effective means is best. That said Twitter, Ustream, and Mogulus are all FREE and providing wonderful opportunities for artists and corporations to connect with their audience.

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Anonymous said...

So Diddy's found a whole new way to promote his stuff. So what! If he wasn't a celebrity he prolly wouldn't get some much attention.