Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lou Gosset Jr. To Play Johnnie Cochran, Receives CIMA Award

You heard it here first!....Earlier today at the 16th Annual Catholics In Media Associates Awards Brunch in Beverly Hills, Hollywood: As I Live & Work was informed legendary actor and Academy Award Winner, Lou Gossett Jr. is set to portray famed attorney Johnnie Cochran in upcoming film, "4 Chosen". The film is a Starline Films production and will also star, Oscar nominee, Terrence Howard.

"4 Chosen" is the story of four African American basketball players from New York traveling to North Carolina for a college basketball showcase. During the trip the young men are racially profiled by New Jersey state troopers then shot 13 times. Representing the four men in a controversial case against the state troopers, is a team of powerful attorneys led by Johnnie Cochran.

To learn more about their story and the documentary visit No release date for the narrative film version was announced.

The Catholic in Media Associates (CIMA) was formed by entertainment professionals that desired to shared their experiences of faith and spirituality in the workplace. The CIMA Awards Brunch honors those projects and entertainers that "who, by their work, have made clearer the word of God...that uplift the spirit and help us better understand what it is to be a part of the human family." At today's event the organization honored Gossett with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

"He [Gossett] is not only an amazing actor, but also an incredible humanitarian. He gives so much back to his community. He's got a foundation called Eracism. He is really determined and active in working against violence and sexism and racism in our society. He's an amazing man," said Board of Directors President, Marilyn Gill.

Acclaimed actress, Vivica A. Fox, presented the award to Gossett. Other honorees included tv show, "Without A Trace", and film, "Doubt" for their uplifting stories and portrayals.

Starline Films Producers, Lou Gossett Jr., Vivica A. Fox

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Mike said...

Johnnie Cochran had a lot of controversy during the OJ case, but he is a very accomplished lawyer with a nice and distinguished career. Is this based on a true story? I hadn't heard about it but it does not surprise me.