Monday, March 09, 2009

Real or Fake Celebrity Profile?: Valebrity Knows the Truth

Okay people I'm on a roll! Information just seems to be falling in my lap. Of course, when your lap is sitting under a desk instead of in your Corolla jetting to a job interview or "Hollywood" lunch it's easy to catch information "falling" out of the internet sky. I digress.

So, as I've said before if Facebook and Twitter are a not a part of your publicity campaign or your celebrity hustle then you're slipping. Never underestimate the power and reach of the internet and use it all willy-nilly. That said, I've got a new tool to help you get your online ID right, especially if you're in the limelight or striving to get one key light from press to shine your way for an interview.

Earlier today while "tweeting," KTLA's Cyberguy, Kurt Knuttson, informed his followers--that includes me--of a site that verifies whether celebrity Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, and Myspace pages are actually official or fake. It's called

At you can search for any celeb or public figure and see where they have official pages online. For example, I clicked on Diddy's name and was taken to a listing of his social networking sites and others. He's on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, and It also lists links to his Wikipedia page, IMDB, and official website.

To an entertainment reporter under a tight deadline this is a great resource. saves them from having to Google all your various sites, leaving more time to research and write your glowing feature story. And if they're really on it, they'll include in the story links to your sites which means increased traffic and potentially better SEO ranking.

So how do you get added? There are various ways ranging from a personal video to validation from a celebrity already on the site. Click HERE for the others ways to join.


steven said...

Great post! Thanks and you made some fantastic points on what our vision is. Even better that you see the value in extending beyond Twitter into the social stream of the celebrities across the web.

WendyWings said...

Great article thanks for getting the word out about @valebrity,