Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vivica A. Fox Set to Release Cougars in April on TV Land

While attending the 16th Annual CIMA Awards Brunch in Beverly Hills, award winning actress in her own right, Vivica A. Fox, talked to Hollywood: Live & Work about her return to television as producer and host of a sexy new reality show called, "The Cougar".

In case you haven't heard "cougar" is the term given to a woman, 40 and above seeking to date younger men. And by younger, we men at least 10 years or more.

Keeping in theme with the feline slang, Fox's "The Cougar" will feature a sexy, successful woman of 40 years of age, looking for love in a pool of 20 eligible younger men.

"Forty is the new 30 and we've got ladies dating younger guys in the society today," says Fox. "For years men could date younger girls and it was something that they did. Now it's the ladies turn."

"The Cougar" is scheduled to premiere on TV Land April 15th and is the first original programming for the network.

"I'm very proud as an African American female that they are trusting the brand of Vivica A. Fox to bring even more to the network."

So what is the brand of Vivica A. Fox ? For several years, the actress has been building her empire behind the scenes as a very successful producer of television, several straight to DVD titles and a stage play. Can you say, Miss Independent!

"The brand of Vivica A. Fox is a business woman that makes the most of out of her opportunities and changes with the busines," said Fox dressed fabolously in a stylish blue dress and matching high heels.

"A lot of people have asked, why would you do reality television? I say if that's what America wants to see right now, I just figure out how I can fit into that world as long as it's done classy."

To get a sneak peak of the show visit "The Cougar" website. While you're there check out the message board. Ladies are more than ready for this show based on comments and number of page views. I am woman hear me roar, but make me purr too! I'm predicting a hit, Viv!


Mike said...

I must be honest - I'm a little sick of this kind of reality - theres like how many of them on MTV now? 10? The Bachelor, the Bachelorette, Parental Control, etc.

Fox s a decent actress, though, so it might not be so bad.

Nice post. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Get 'em Viv! Looking fabulous as always!