Thursday, April 16, 2009

@aplusk Ashton Kutcher Gets 1 Million Followers on Twitter

In an effort to demonstrate to the world the power of online social media, Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN, a major force in the number of Twitter followers, to an old fashioned foot race to reach 1 million followers. And during the race Kutcher not only raised money for charity, Malaria No More, but also produced a live internet stream on Ustream to talk directly to fans and followers.

The significance of the moment may be lost on many people, but for those of us that believe we can impact how news is collected and reported it's very important. Admittedly, Kutcher's celebrity status helped, but it does not negate the fact that he was able to grab the attention of a million people freely through the internet, not through MTV nor any standard television media outlet.

So now without question, Ashton Kutcher, or better yet @aplusk, is indeed King of Twitter! And yes, I'm following him. Congrats Ashton! Watch the last minutes leading up to his victory. Shout out to my Twitter buddy,, for the video!

Live TV : Ustream

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