Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bea Arthur: A Golden Girl Remembered

Saturday mornings while preparing some resemblance of breakfast, when I'm sad, or just in a mood to laugh out loud, the "Golden Girls" Dorothy, Ma, Rose, and Blanche keep me company. And those that know me well, also know if there's a "Golden Girl" marathon on, don't call me unless it's an emergency. So what if I have the first 2 seasons on DVD! It doesn't matter. Watching the hilarious antics of the four vivacious senior citizens is a joyable pasttime for me.

Yesterday, my favorite "Golden Girl" Bea Arthur, known to many as "Maude" and to others as "Dorothy" died. So while I watch my favorite girls on DVD and write this post, take a moment to reflect with me and Finleydehaven, the producer of this video, on saying to Ms. Arthur, "Thank you for being a friend".

Not to be forgotten is Estelle Getty. She passed away last year. Just the thought of her role as Dorothy's mother, makes me smile. She was a lot like my grandmother. Beyond this blog, I'm a mixture of both of their characters so I'm told. Women like them helped raise me. So Ms. Getty, "Thank you for being a friend" too.

Should I ever get another chance to be in the presence of Rue McClanahan or Betty White, I will definitely tell them how much I have enjoyed their work on the show. On two separate occasions I had the chance to do so and missed it each time because I was too busy thinking of what to say. Their talent and contribution to the show was irreplaceable.

Though the writers and producers of "Golden Girls" have to be given credit, it's the actors that give words on paper life, give them flesh. And these four wonderful and award winning actresses owned their roles on the hit sitcom for seven years. In fact, I'm willing to say they were meant to play them and will forever be remembered for their work.

So, now please excuse me as I laugh until I cry. My girls are on.

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