Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jamie Foxx Sings I Apologize to Miley Cyrus

Blame it on Vodka, Blame it on the Henny, Blame it on the Goose, gotcha feelin' loose....Too bad Jamie Foxx couldn't blame his AND his Foxx Hole team's following comments on the alcohol.



Where do comics draw the line? At the end of the day we're all people and the words we speak have power whether we choose to believe so or not. What's funny to them may be downright offensive to someone else, as in this case. That's a chance every comedian takes and sometimes they do say exactly what they mean. But how many times can you fall back on "I'm a comedian. It's just jokes folks." before Hollywood finds a quiet way of silencing you? And then whomever you pissed off has the last laugh.

But here's another angle. When you get to a certain place in your Hollywood career, everything you do and say is scrutinized. If Jamie Foxx was still that singer/actor on his grind, ie "In Living Color" or "Booty Call", his comments may have gone unnoticed or barely talked about outside of cultural circles.

Now he is mainstream and the microscope he's under is much stronger. Thinking before speaking is paramount and especially when you already know the Hollywood game. Just because you're on a satellite show doesn't excuse bad behavior. A good publicist would have reminded him, he has more at stake now than 20 years ago. Just as quickly as this industry claims to love you, it will also turn on you too.

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