Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gamble and Huff Receive Icon Award: 57th Annual BMI Awards

"I Love Music, sweet, sweet music..." That's certainly true and Tuesday night at the 57th Annual BMI Pop Awards music was in the air at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel as legends Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff aka "Gamble and Huff" received the night's highest honor, the Icon Award. (Applause please!)

Some of you young'uns may not know them but ask your parents or your older siblings, especially if they're close to or over 30 yrs old. Anybody that grew up on watching the "hippest trip in America", "Soul Train", should know who Gamble and Huff are. In fact, the music of this dynamic duo is probably being sampled right now by some new school producer as I type this post. Truly, their contributions to the world of music is priceless and timeless. They laid the foundation for the whole Philly movement way before Musiq, Jill Scott, The Roots, Jazmine Sullivan, etc.

Speaking of timeless music, 20 years from now just what will music producers have to sample from? Soulja Boy? Lord help 'em! Frankly, by then I'll be too old to care. But if I still have my hearing, trust I'll be rocking and strolling my walker to the music created by the great minds like Gamble and Huff.

LOVE, PEACE, & SOUL PEOPLE! *Fist in the air* Here's a flashback. Go 'head and do the bump to this like you used to!

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