Monday, June 01, 2009

Eminem, Borat, 2009 MTV Movie Awards: Pub Stunt or no?


Face down, ass up that's the way we like to do the 2009 MTV Movie Awards! What the &*%^! If you missed the live broadcast of the show then you missed this surprising stunt that resulted in "Borat" actor, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Eminem getting real acquainted with each other. And based on the above picture, the outspoken rapper and the outrageous actor had at least 69 things in common.

It's now the morning after and blogsphere is going to help viewers and readers relive the cozy Eminem and moment for the rest of the week at least. Which brings me to this question? Was it a stunt or an unrehearsed snafu? Based on the video below, I say stunt. Why? First, I've worked an MTV Movie Awards Show before and show producers go all out for big laughs, ratings, after-the-show publicity, and of course heavy internet traffic to the network website.

Secondly, anger management classes must really be working 'cause I don't necessarily see the "outrage" or the "storming out" of the theater that has been quoted around blogsphere. In the YouTube provided clip below notice how Eminem and his boys calmly walk out of the venue and the camera is just ready to catch the exit.

From a tv director's stand point (yes, I've done some of that too) you rely totally on the camera operators to show you the action. It's interesting to me that a camera would be that far back in the darkened audience to conveniently catch Eminem's exit. None of the celebs sit that far back. But, it's quite possible that camera was stationed there earlier to catch something else considering the show producers can use any of part of theater they want.

And another point, if you saw a half naked man--not of your own choosing--or his ass about to descend on your head would you sit and wait for it to land in your face? Live tv show or not, HELL TO THE NAW! Still, if the thing wasn't staged, I find it interesting too that considering all the crazy antics and crap he raps about other celebrities, Eminem finally got served a bit of his own medicine. Think he'll parody the incident in his next video?


Rebecca said...

I think it may have been planned, but perhaps Eminem didn't know about it on his end. he camera being in the back of theatre to catch his hasty exit, is not significant enought evidence to me the Eminem was in on the gag.

Anonymous said...

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