Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabulous 5 Friday: Black Music Month Tribute

It's Friday people! Like you didn't know! Lol. This post is a continuation of my throwback to the 80s. There's too much fabulous music that I grew up to from that era to wrap it up with just the Jacksons, so I had to do another post. This time I'm gonna reflect on five fabulous artists from the 80s that really rocked my world. First up "Mahogany"!

The 80s saw "The Boss" make a name for herself as a solo artist. This diva original truly became a fashion, beauty, and music icon in this era. Who am I talking about? None other than Diana Ross!

Now these 5 boys from Boston, really rocked my little young world when they appeared on the scene. Ralph was my favorite, then Johnny Gill came along and well, my attention was diverted. This is a Solid Gold performance. Remember that show?

When this musical legacy introduced us to her beautiful voice, it was love at first note. Whitney had us in the palm of her hand with this, her debut single.

The 80s gave witness to what we refer to now as old school rap music. One of my favs from that era is Kurtis Blow. One of his biggest hits was in the late 80's when "Krush Groove" hit the big screen. Get your Kango and Gazelles and gold necklaces for this one!

The late 80s also saw the first Hip Hop love song become a classic hit. LL Cool J's "I Need Love" had my little girl hormones doing crazy things. And ain't jack changed, the heart still skips a beat in the presence of the gorgeous family man and actor. (Had to say that to bring me back to reality. Nice to dream though :-D) And with that, I'll say til we meet again on Monday for the "Making the Band Monday".

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