Monday, June 22, 2009

Making The Band Monday: Black Music Month Tribute

The 70s and 80s gave us some of the best bands that still tour today. Real musicians, real instruments.

The Elements: Earth, Wind, & Fire!

Frankie Beverly & Maze: When the DJ drops this classic hit in the club, time rolls back and you groove to it like your parents did when it first came out!

These brothers from Tuskegee University! That's right! These former HBCU students produced some of the best music ever! Then when Lionel went solo...y'all know how the story goes.

I really like Charlie Wilson's current music. But before being a solo artist he led the Gap Band to hit after hit, putting Oklahoma on the map. Outstanding was and still is the jam.

Baby, what's your phone number? This was the jam! That Minneapolis sound ruled the day in the mid 80s.

Okay, where my ladies at? Klymaxx is in da house!

. -

This list could go on forever, but I'm gonna stop it here. It's on to the next decade on Wednesday.

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I was just informed via email the Commodores attended Tuskegee not Fisk! The correction has been made. But if you're reading leave a comment here please. I want the feedback. Do it anonymously! It won't hurt a bit I promise.