Monday, June 15, 2009

Music Monday: Black Music Month Tribute

Since June is Black Music Month and we're just a few weeks away from the highly anticipated BET Awards, I thought I'd do several tributes to the music that is the soundtrack to my life. So turn up your speakers and take a 20 minute break from whatever you're doing. I'mma take you back!

First up, the 70s: Music the older kids and my parents introduced me to, back when a diaper was my only fashion statement. Afro's, platform shoes, bell bottoms, big, fly away collars and 45's on the record player. Lawd! I wish those days could musically come back once more!

Caught my grandmother doing her sexy senior citizen dance to that one! And witnessed my mother doing her own Buckhead Bounce before we reinvented with a name 20 years later to the next one!

KC and The Sunshine Band! Timberlake and sexy Alan Thicke combined don't have the funk KC did then. Timeless music! Timeless performances! Really, when was the last time you saw a horn section straight groove like that?

Whoops, I almost forgot! Can't end the 70's without Don Cornelius and the Soul Train. Brought to you by Soft Sheen and Ultra Sheen Cosmetics. Love, Peace, & Soul! I could watch these old school videos all day.

On Wednesday, the 80's!

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