Monday, June 22, 2009

Nia Long & Gary Sturgis Talk "Saving Our Daughters: From a Man's Point of View"

Just in time for the Father's Day observance,"Saving Our Daughters: From A Man's Point of View Volume 1" was introduced to me last week. It's a poignant collection of heart felt letters and interviews with men and fathers concerning their relationships with daughters, mothers, and other women influential in their lives. The author is Curtis Benjamin.

In the video hear what inspired the book and the role Tyler Perry Productions and producer, Roger Bobb, played in its creation. Hear too from celebrity contributors and supporters, Nia Long and Gary Sturgis, as I talked with them about why "Saving Our Daughters: From A Man's Point of View" is so important and timely.

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Anonymous said...


As a behind-the-scenes member of the team that worked with Curt B. to produce the Saving Our Daughters book series (editor/graphic designer), I want to express my gratitude of your coverage. I was unable to attend the book signing myself, because I am at home recovering from a minor stroke and getting to see a glimpse of the event through your eyes helped me to see people's reactions.

I also want to share with your readers and you that this project has truly been a blessing from God as we explore the different things that have been discussed and presented in the books. Right now, I am not a father yet, but I have gone through 3 miscarriages with my wife, including one during the time we were working on Volume 1. This project not only helped me to keep my sanity and faith in God, but it also helped me to cope with the pain of losing another unborn child and to remember that God does have plan for all of us.

I do hope to be able to make it out to Los Angeles for any future book events we may do, and at that time, please know that I intend to say hello. :o) I also want to thank EVERYBODY that has supported, contributed and continue to do so with this movement known as "Saving Our Daughters: From A Man's Point of View" -- God Bless You all.


~ E (aka Eric M. Croas - Cats Meow Communications | ICTBS Publishing)