Friday, June 19, 2009

See Halle Berry & Jamie Fox Get Handfuls At Spike TV Awards This Sunday

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Sing along with me, "Halle and Jamie on tv, k-i-ss-i-n-g, first comes lust, but no marriage, then comes Halle who already had a baby carriage!"

Errbody's talking about how lucky Jamie Foxx is for living damn near every straight man's and some gay one's too fantasy of freaking Halle Berry. And to be fair, I imagine there's some lesbians willing to get in line too for just a hint of what Jamie received at the now highly anticipated Guys Choice Awards airing this Sunday on Spike TV.

Whatever! This blogger is going on record as saying Halle is lucky too! *Singing* "Some girls have all the luck, some girls have all the fame, some girls get all the breaks.."

I've had my eye on Jamie since his first album,"Peep This", which I had on cassette. And peep it I did! Since then I've been in the man's presence several times--not that he noticed--but that's okay. Some fantasies should remain such. Still, if I'd rolled up on Jamie and planted the kiss Halle did, you think I would have gotten such a warm reception? Can you say, SECURITY!

I totally understand lust at first sight but was it something he said, his cologne, or just mere female ego trip? Only Halle knows it doesn't appear she's telling.

Anyway, here's a brief snippet of what everybody is waiting to see this Sunday on Spike TV.
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Halle, I got one question, actually two: 1. Is everything that's grown in Texas as big as they say it is? and 2. What was it like being stuck between a "Decade of Hotness" award and a hard place? Whatever your answer, YOU LOOKED DAMN FABULOUS! The hair, the dress, the shoes, that gleem in your eye! Go 'head Halle Berry! Peep her shoes! *Singing* "The Men All Pause"!

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