Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Used To Wednesday: Black Music Month Tribute

Okay, folks I'm celebrating Black Music Month by saluting the 80s with "We Used to Wednesday". Remember when we used to be so excited to see Black folk perform on television in a manner that made us proud?

Remember when we used to run to the tv for music awards and musical tribute shows, and then the next day in school it was all we talked about? Remember when we used to call each other right before or somewhere in the middle of a show to let others know it was on then hang up. "Motown 25" is possibly one of the most memorable television musical moments of our lives. Thank you forever Suzanne DePasse and the other producers. "Motown 25" is still one of the best televised music tributes in history.

And although many of us know MJ was not the first to "moonwalk", when he did it in this performance he made the move his own. And now having seen this performance "50-11" times my response is just as passionate as it was in the 80s--though now I'm more prone to curse when excited. Forgive me cause I'm gonna say it how I REALLY feel it. That motherf#*&^k OWNED the damn stage! And I say motherf#*&^k in the most loving way! Lol. No damn body in their right nor left mind would choose to perform AFTER Michael. After Mike did his thing on stage, you could have said the benediction, rolled the credits, or whatever you do to signify the end. The show was over!

And then near the end of the 80's, the Jackson little sister showed the world why you never underestimate a Jackson born of a strong union of Katherine and Joseph. Janet Jackson created a genre of music performance that now we take for granted when Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna, Ciara--and the list goes on--take stage. This performance laid the foundation for them all.

And this next video proved once again broke a musical mold. By the late 80's watching MTV and BET had become a favorite pass time. Remember when we used to watch our favorite videos, record them on VHS, them study them so when we were at the party we could break out the choreography or perform it in talent shows? Errbody watching new where the dance steps originated from despite what you were dancing too. This video and the dance moves featured in it, literally took things to a whole 'nother level.

So is that then end? No! Only the beginning musically but for this blog post I'mma end it now. Considering the Jackson clan ruled this post, I have to include some of my other favorites from the 80s. So check back Friday for a new post of Black Music Month.

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