Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chris Brown Public Apology: Can We Forgive?

Public celebrity apologies such as this often come off a little too scripted. But when you've got so much to say in such a little time, maybe it's best too have a prompter rolling to keep the message on course. The important thing is whether you believe the sincerity of the apology. Personally, I do.

People will also argue the timing of this video message, but again does that really matter either? The important thing is that it has been done. Brown has seemingly repented, apologized not only to Rihanna but to his family, fans, and God. He's doing his part, now can we truly begin to do ours?

Let he/she without sin cast the first stone. Personally, I can't even act like I'm gonna pick up a speck of dirt to toss at anyone. So as for me and this blog, we understand that if you want to receive forgiveness you must first forgive as well. Now would I be saying that if Brown had not public apologized? Yes!

This young man had an amazing career ahead of him and he still might. And since I believe that everything happens for a reason and serves a purpose often without our understanding of it, I want to see Chris Brown evolve and learn from this situation and reach his full potential.

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Anonymous said...

If anything I hope Chris and Rihanna can learn from their mistakes. She hasn't really said much of anything about the situation. Not even a formal statement to the press. What's that about? If a man beats my ass like that I'mma have something to say.