Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I Never Will Say Goodbye, Michael Jackson!

The poignant and inspirational memorial service is over. So sweet prince, Michael Joseph Jackson, King of Pop, what ever title we here on earth give you, I say to you rest now, for God still has use for you on the other side.

So I WILL not say goodbye. I WILL see you in a smile of a fellow fan; see your influence in other artists as they aspire to be like you; see your dance steps unrehearsed and clumsily imitated the next time there's a old skool MJ remix at the club.

Moreover, I'll feel your presence as a church choir sings "Man In The Mirror" or "You Are Not Alone", or better yet feel close to you when I'm driving through LA streets blaring "Remember the Time", and doing that famous Fatima choreography in my seat.

And though you're not here in flesh, your legacy of philanthropy, caring, and giving back to the world will last forever. Now other entertainers, especially of this time know that they have been blessed so that they can be a blessing to others not just musically.

So MJ I dedicate your song right back to you! Here's Siedah Garrett, writer of "Man in the Mirror" honoring you with Agape's International Choir.

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