Thursday, July 23, 2009

Niecy Nash Talks G-Force, Lola Falana, & Clean House

The moment Niecy Nash's familiar face appeared on screen during Disney's Wednesday screening of "G-Force", a woman behind me quietly, but excitedly blurted out "Niecy!". Hearing her announcement of Niecy Nash's surprising appearance wasn't what caught my attention, but how the fellow audience member said it did.

Whether a "Reno 911" or "Clean House" or "Bernie Mac" fan, the mother sitting with her kids behind me spoke Niecy's name like her dear friend had just arrived. And once she had even more laughter, especially for the adults, would follow.

With that expressed sentiment in mind, I began my phone interview with the lovely, comedic actress. Since she portrayed a pet shop owner in "G-Force", our conversation began with childhood pets and inspirations, then spanned from balancing work and motherhood to handling an emotional "Clean House" episode and humorously managing Facebook and Twitter accounts. Prepare to laugh, then press play!

Visit to read Niecy's blog and get more information about her upcoming projects. After that, head to the theaters this weekend! Niecy's on the big screen in "G-Force!"

And if you're really just a kid disguised as an adult and liked "Transformers" with all it's high powered action and gadgetry, you'll love this gigantic, 3-D spy adventure brought to you in small packaging. Just don't forget the real kids!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE NEICY NASH! I think she's amazing. I saw that episode of Clean House and wanted to slap those rude women. They didn't deserve the help they got from the show. But Neicy managed to keep her composure. I was just floored. Keep up the good work, Neicy!

Anonymous said...

I like her in Reno 911. She really puts it out there! Her booty that is. She's funny as hell! She'd prolly have a lot of funny stuff to say on Twitter