Tuesday, July 14, 2009

She IS Sasha Fierce: Beyonce Live at Staples Center

"If you like it then you should did it blog on it!" Uh uh oh!

No matter how calm things appeared outside the Staples Center last night as LA concert goers entered the stadium, inside was a rush, a tangible energy that only high anticipation could create. And once the supreme dream girl Beyonce Knowles aka Sasha Fierce hit the stage, that energy turned into a raging force as she, her band, and team of sexy dancers took command of the place.

Entering the stage amidst flashing lights and dense fog, the artist known now by only one name stood in silhouette striking a pose like only a true diva could. Her familiar "Baaabay" from hit single "Deja Vu" greeted the adoring crowd like a sweet, southern "hello" and then was followed by video favorite, "Crazy in Love." It was time to dance!

And dance Beyonce did! Though not the first to booty shake or "pop it" while looking over a shoulder, "Crazy in Love" confirms she's made the sexy move her own, right along with the "talk to the ringless hand" movements. The proof was in the YouTube video montage of fans from around the world, expertly or often comically imitating the hand gestures and choreography.
And just when you thought powerhouse vocals, seductive dance moves, great staging, fabulous costuming, and chart topping hit after hit weren't enough to entertain you, Beyonce added trapeze artist to her act. Truly, anybody can walk, run, roll, or dance their way to another stage amid the crowd. But only "Sasha Fierce" would fly high above the stadium crowd, twirl in the sky, and then descend perfectly on an intimate stage to get a little closer to her fans.

Interestingly, throughout the night it seemed that was Beyonce's goal--to bridge the gap between super star and those that make them such. By acknowledging fan made videos, giving hugs, personal mentions, sharing her mic with fans, or literally putting herself in the middle of the crowd, it seemed she was giving back the love she received in her own special way. Even those that influenced her career received shout outs in either video or song, including Obama and Janet Jackson. Making that kind of connection with her fans undoubtedly will help keep her climbing the industry charts.

But only her "hero" Michael Jackson did she deliver a moving "Halo" tribute to including a childhood video, the night she saw MJ perform for the first time and she "decided exactly who I wanted to be like." Though she's done an MJ tribute in previous shows since his death, this time it seemed so very appropriate considering the time and place. Beyonce is the first artist to perform at Staples after MJ rehearsed there just a matter of weeks ago. And consequently, she's also the first artist to perform there a mere six days after his memorial.

Then after the heartfelt tribute she stood high above the stage under the words "I...Am..." and professed to the seemingly sold out crowd "I Am Yours", promising to always give a 100% of herself in entertaining her fans. And with that she ended the amazing 2 hour the show. And what a great show it was! Where does she get the energy?

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