Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kiss And Tail: The Hollywood Jump Off Premiere

I'm not sure how women obtained the unofficial title "the weaker sex" but we've come to learn as women there's definitely power in the____ (insert popular feline knickname or street vernacular here). " S...E...X...It's stronger than any drug, even love" sang Jamie Foxx on his first album and in this much talked about film, "Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jump Off" it holds true.

From the Old Testament to the New, from the oldest civilizations to popular culture women have used "what they got, to get what they want." Enter the famed Karrine "Superhead" Steffans, video vixen turned best selling author . Sex was/is her business card and she's given it to many in the entertainment industry. And business was GOOOOD for a minute. Then when the zippers closed and the money stopped, she used her "good brain" for writing and her active mouth for talking instead of ___ ( know) to inform the world of her A-list clientel--married, single, and otherwise. "You dropped a bomb on me, baby!"

After three scandalous novels those that fell between her pages are now doing all the talking in "Kiss and Tail: The Hollywood Jump Off". So join me as I attend its LA premiere to get the Hollywood 411 on this controversial film. Then watch Part 2 of my intimate conversation with Norwood Young as he shares personal details about his relationship with Steffans and a lot more! See that in my next post, "Beyond Kiss and Tail".

To get both sides of the story flip through books and videos below:


Anonymous said...

That superhead chick is a mess! Still why are they mad, really? A lot of those rappers were married or in relationships. So basically they were cheating. They get what they get!

Anonymous said...

Wow! He got his nose fixed to the way it was. Who does that in Hollywood? He shared alot with you? Do you know him?

Anonymous said...

Superhead was just taking care of business. Like the other commenter said, them rappers were married. They shouldn't been having sex with her anyway. Imma look for this in the store.

Anonymous said...

Its the same OLD cliche!...the woman being made out as the whore when in fact these men were either in relationships or married either way they were in commited relationships and STILL having sex with THOUSANDS of women besides karrine steffans please do not be naive and think she was the only one!..these fools are straight up whore mongers and should step up to the plate and take responsiblities for their actions I feel sorry for their partner as their men have no regard for their emotions or sexual health at all...jeeze!