Sunday, August 30, 2009

Norwood Young's Birthday & Michael Jackson Tribute Party

Combine a lavish birthday party fit for only the King of Hancock Park and the legendary music of the King of Pop and what do you have? An event that could only be described as a "thriller", or better yet, an event Los Angeles will be talking about for days...make that years because Norwood Young, reigns supreme when it comes to throwing a party. To make it plain--and this is not Hollywood hyperbole--"ain't no party like a Norwood Young party, cause a Norwood Young party don't stop!"

I'm not even going to attempt to describe all that was witnessed at his recent bash in historic Hancock Park. Between curious neighbors snapping pictures like Hollywood tourists and onlookers driving by slowly creating 3rd Street traffic jams, the infamous house on the corner of Muirfield was definitely "Off The Wall" last Friday night. "Can You Feel It?"

I can't event tell it all! So, I'm just going to let the video do it's thing! Long live the "kangs!"


msmomichelle said...

GOOD JOB Allice! Love the interviews and everyone is having a great time!! Happy Birthday NY and MJ!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a neighbor and drove by that night. What a mad house! The statues each are still wearing a Thriller jacket.

Dee said...

That was great! Alice, ya' did it again! The party was AMAZING!! You really captured it. LONG LIVE THE KING OF POP!!!! I LOVE YOU MJ!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be "out of the loop", but who is Norwood and what is his background? Thanks.