Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 MTV Video Music Awards: Award Show Meets Reality Show

It's been a weekend of award shows for me, first UNCF's Evening of the Stars honoring Lionel Ritchie taped Saturday night in Pasadena, and then MTV's Video Music Awards broadcast live tonight from New York. One show, a traditional and respected tribute to a legendary songwriter filled with great performances; and the other, a ratings grabbing televised music event turned reality show and Twitter fodder. Which would you prefer to watch?

Well both shows offer a lot to see but MTV gave us a lot more to talk about it--or should I say Kanye West did. Right now as I type this blog, there are millions of other bloggers, journalists, Twitter, and Facebook updaters busily typing their take on what happened and why. Just watch the damn video!

Obviously, Jesus wasn't walking with Kanye in that moment. My initial response: "I wish a motherf>>>k would..." But Kanye knows what artists or people he can do that to. Ain't no way in hell he would have done that to an established fellow rapper, R&B artist nor even a country singer like Shania Twain nor Rascal Flatts.

As Diddy would put it, it's "bitchassness" at its best to steal a shining moment from a young new artist just to get attention. This was her first MTV award. And just as any bitchass would do, he apologizes on his blog a matter of hours later. Guess trendy shoes, houses, and shit wasn't getting him enough blog traffic so he had to do something outrageous. I'm not adding a link to his site but in some fake attempt at fairness I will share a pic of his "official apology."

To make up for Kayne acting like 14 year old fan, Beyonce graciously called Taylor back on stage so that she could continue her acceptance speech. Applause for Mrs. Hova!

Speaking of Jay-Z. He and fellow New Yorker gave a great performance of his new song, "Empire State of Mind." No doubt the two veterans needed no help with their part of the show, so what convinced artist Lil' Mama she needed to be on stage with them? Again, what the hell is wrong with people? Lil' Mama you'll never grow the hell up to be a "big" girl in the music industry crashing the performance of veterans like that. Let me put it bluntly, "Step back, young-un that performance was GROWN artist business. Go back to your place at the kiddy table and learn to respect your elders."

Lastly, having worked a couple of MTV Awards shows in my career, I know how far show producers will go to make "good tv". Just like I predicted the Eminen and Borat mess was a set up, it wouldn't surprise me if Kanye's and Lil' Mama's antics were not producer driven. Why? Simply because none of the content from the show is allowed on sites like YouTube. Videos of tonight's craziness is exclusively provided on MTV's website. Even the one above from above, is from MTV's servers.

Would MTV pay these artists a little extra to make the show a little more interesting? Hells to the yes! This is the business of show people and we produce the reality we want you to see. Seeing shouldn't always be connected to believing. Feel me?

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